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Three Basics about LEDs

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LEDs have changed the lighting industry, and even the world as we know it. But while everyone is probably familiar with the acronym and the fact that LEDs are energy efficient, there’s a lot more to know. Here are three things to understand about LEDs. Read More

Three Reasons to Upgrade Parking Lot Lighting

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Take any urban area, and you’ll be able to find a parking lot. And when it comes to illuminating those parking lots, whether they serve a shopping center or the employees of a private business, pole-mounted lights are standard, and so are the HID (high-intensity discharge) fixures. But while parking lots are ubiquitous, those illuminated by LEDs are not — and it’s a shame. Here are three reasons to upgrade parking lot lighting. Read More

Two Tips to Guide Your LED Retrofits


Many business owners are on board with the idea of an LED upgrade, but they aren’t sure where to begin. That’s not really a surprise – as technology improves, decisions get harder. But a little perspective can go a long way. Here are two tips from Have Lights Will Travel, Nevada’s premier electrical and lighting contractor, to help guide your LED retrofits. Read More

Three Reasons to Upgrade High Bay Lighting to LED


Industrial buildings, commercial spaces, and school gymnasiums — all spaces with large, open spaces and tall ceilings — are often lit with a fixture known as high or low bay. High and low bay lighting describe indoor lighting mounted directly to a ceiling or ceiling girder, or via a pendant or chain. Many of today’s older buildings with this kind of lighting use high intensity discharge, or HID, lamps. But there’s a better option. Here are three reasons to upgrade high bay lighting to LED. Read More

Do New LED Lights Need Their Own Fixtures?

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LEDs are the latest and greatest option in the lighting industry, but their impact is likely bigger than most people realize. Sure, LED technology means a number of replacement lights. But beyond that, it means an entirely new category of fixtures. It begs the question - do new LED lights need their own fixtures? Not necessarily. Actually, there are pros and cons to simply switching out the lamps or replacing the entire fixture. Read More

Surprising Applications for LED Lighting Technology

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LEDs have come a very long way over the last 50 years. Acceptance was on the slow side in the beginning, but their versatility, efficiency, and durability, not to mention dropping price tags, have made LEDs useful across the board – literally. It’s their unique characteristics that make LEDs suitable for use in places no lights have gone before (wallpaper, anyone?). And to illustrate just how versatile these amazing little lights can be, we rounded up some of the most surprising applications for LED lighting technology. Read More

What to Understand About LED Lighting and Human Physiology

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We spend a lot of time highlighting the many benefits of upgrading to LED lighting. Between dramatically improved energy efficiency, cost savings, a variety of rebates and incentives, and improved focus, mood, and reaction times in employees, LEDs have a lot going for them. But it’s not all sunshine and roses. Unfortunately, there is a drawback to LED lighting, and it’s directly tied to the effects of blue light on sleep and other circadian-mediated systems. Here’s what to understand about LED lighting and human physiology. Read More

3 Common Linear LED Tubes

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Buildings like warehouses, schools, and offices traditionally used linear fluorescent tubes for lighting. These facilities are typically equipped with recessed troffers – just right for linear lighting. If you’re considering upgrading to linear LEDs, you have options. To make things easy, Have Lights is sharing general information about three of the most common linear LED tubes. Read More

Five Myths about LED Lighting, Busted

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New technology typically faces its share of skepticism, and LED lighting was no exception. Even though LED lighting has been popular for years, there remains a surprisingly amount of misinformation surrounding this energy-efficient and eco-friendly method of illumination. Here are five common myths about LED lighting, busted. Read More

2 Major Signs It’s Time for an LED Business Sign Upgrade

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Business owners and shoppers alike understand the importance of an appealing sign. When it’s bright, clean, and well-maintained, it says a lot of the business it represents. The same is true for dated and run-down business signs – customers are likely to form a negative impression before they’ve even stepped inside (and that’s if they step inside). That’s why many business owners look into the merits of an LED upgrade for their exterior sign – it’s a simple way to make it look modern and fresh, all without the expense and delay of getting an entirely new sign. If you’re on the fence, here are two major signs it’s time for an LED business sign upgrade. Read More

The Problem with Motion Sensor Lights on Commercial Buildings

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Motion sensor lighting is strongly - and rightly - associated with security. While that’s certainly true on a residential level, the theory doesn’t necessarily work in practice when you’re talking about warehouses and retail buildings. Fortunately, a little explanation quickly makes that clear. Here’s the problem with motion sensor lights on commercial buildings. Read More

Four Benefits of LEDs in the Parking Lot

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Business owners may spend a lot of time thinking about interior lighting or their exterior sign, but parking lot lighting isn’t always on their radar. From a customer’s perspective, that’s often an oversight. A well-lit parking facility improves safety and gives people positive first and last impressions. The best way to light up your lot without breaking the bank? LEDs! Here are four benefits of LEDs in the parking lot. Read More

Four Great Reasons to Upgrade Commercial & Industrial Lighting to LED

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Business is booming here in northern Nevada, with new commercial and industrial projects popping up seemingly overnight. While those new structures will feature the latest in energy efficient features, older buildings in town need not be left behind. Before you start debating big, expensive renovations, here’s a bright idea – consider the benefits of retrofitting those dated light fixtures. Here are four great reasons to upgrade commercial and industrial lighting to LED. Read More