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A couple of days ago I had the pleasure of needing to replace a few light bulbs for our outdoor yard lighting at the Sparks location. I took a sample of the "unknown" bulb from the light fixture over to Have Lights Will Travel. They were able to match it up to a similar bulb however since there were no markings on the bulb or the fixture it was a best guess. I purchased 3 of the bulbs and replaced them in the fixtures. I tested them, they illuminated normally. The next day, I checked the lights and none of them were working. After further inspection I realized the bulbs had completely melted. Another trip to Have Lights Will Travel with a couple of melted light bulbs and they were quickly able to discern I had the wrong bulbs. Without hesitation, they immediately replaced the bulbs with the correct ones at no charge and I was on my way. installed the new bulbs and now over a week later our yard is completely lit up as it should be.

I was very impressed with the staff at Have Lights. From the initial greeting of the receptionist and her helpfulness to the level of support and professionalism of the gentlemen that helped me with the bulbs. Customer service was a 10/10. Both visits I was made to feel like a VIP and I truly appreciated that.

Please pass this along to the staff and management of Have Lights.

Robert "Bobby" Nieri
General Manager, D&S Tow Inc.