A Lighting Tradition in Reno-Sparks and Beyond

Have Lights Will Travel is Nevada’s premier mobile lighting contractor. Locally owned and operated, the company has been in business for over 35 years and specializes in commercial and industrial lighting maintenance and energy-efficient retrofits.

A Company History

Kyle McClelland

Kyle McClelland got his start at Have Lights Will Travel in 2005, after asking Reg Willison, founder, when he was going to hire him. Kyle started work the very next day, and after his graduation from the University of Reno four years later, he asked Reg another question – when would he sell him the business? The pair worked out an arrangement, and in 2017, Kyle finished buying out Reg and became the full owner of Have Lights Will Travel. With the framework of this long-running northern Nevada lighting contractor well established, Kyle had big plans for additional growth and performance.

By 2019, he had expanded the business into southern Nevada and points of California, and he’s currently in the process of securing licenses in Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Idaho, and Colorado. Along the way, Have Lights has developed a reputation as one of the most knowledgeable and technologically advanced companies in town, with a highly customized approach to customer service. While the focus is always the same – delivering the best option to the customer – Have Lights recognizes that every project has its own unique challenges, and the company is known for its innovative approach and experienced team.

Kyle’s vision for Have Lights also includes a deep commitment to the community. As an active member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, which exists to build better businesses, Have Lights is proud to maintain a company culture in which every team member is valued and supported. It’s the basis for the core values at Have Lights: trust and respect, accountability, constant improvement, cutting edge, caring for others, and optimistic. These are the kinds of values that build both a family and a company proud to stand behind its team and its work.

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