Customer Stories — Iconic In-N-Out Signs Get a Deep Clean

The yellow arrow and red sign of In-N-Out is pretty iconic on the West Coast — a beacon of insanely great burgers, fries, and shakes. Neon (not to mention those crossed palm trees!) plays a big role in the brand’s design aesthetic. It’s a constant feature, no matter which In-N-Out you visit. And while customers may see the gleaming signs and feel their stomachs start to growl, here at Have Lights Will Travel, we understand what goes into keeping those signs bright. We were fortunate recently to service that famous sign at the In-N-Out in Carson City.

Service and Maintenance Work

It may not register when you’re jonesing for a burger, but In-N-Out has its signage dialed. That zig-zagging arrow and restaurant name can be found at least three times on the typical restaurant, in addition to a standalone sign, all beckoning to potential customers coming from any direction. It’s a savvy business decision that’s not only consistent across all of the company’s stores, but designed to draw attention.

Lighting up those signs is one thing, and keeping the sign faces themselves bright and clean is another. Exterior signage is clearly susceptible to the elements, and a deep clean involves more than spraying a hose upward. At In-N-Out in Carson City, our crew had an early start. We were on site with all the necessary equipment by 3 am to remove all sign faces, which are held in place by approximately one million screws, and bring them safely down to the ground. In-N-Out has its own cleaning crew responsible for washing exterior signs, and they went straight to work with a thorough pressure wash. While the signs got their bath, we also repaired all lights (including parking lot and other exterior lights) and signs that weren’t working properly. After re-installing the freshly-cleaned signs, all of the lights and signs In-N-Out were once again in perfect working order.

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Servicing exterior signs requires the right equipment and experience. If you own a business in Nevada and California, you understand the importance of keeping exterior signs bright and shiny. Have Lights Will Travel can help ensure they stay that way. Contact us today to learn more about our night-time drive-by service.

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