Lighting as a Service (LAAS)

Lighting as a Service or LAAS is an emerging business model in the lighting industry. This service is perfect for property owners and landlords who want to turn their lighting upgrades into a savings return for their business. Let’s dive into Lighting as a Service.

What is Lighting as a Service?

Lighting upgrades for your property can mean a big upfront expense for you. Depending on the size of your property, we’re talking more than $100,000. Although there are a number of energy incentives to try and offset these out-of-pocket expenses, you’re still required to foot the bill for the remaining cost of upgrades. This is where Lighting as a Service comes in.

With Lighting as a Service, there’s no out-of-pocket expense to upgrade lighting for your property. As your LAAS partner, Have Lights Will Travel will retrofit your lighting in month one, and we’ll maintain that lighting over the course of your Lighting as a Service term, say the next 60 months. You get the benefit of instant lighting upgrades, automatic energy savings for your property, plus all of the incentive benefits of LEDs.

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How Does Lighting as a Service Work?

Lighting as a Service is a service contract for your lighting upgrades that can range from two to seven years. When you have a LAAS, you have a contract for that portion of your lighting as a monthly payment. As your LAAS provider, Have Lights Will Travel will service your lighting every single month for the duration of your contract. During this time, your power bill is reduced and you have an opportunity to capitalize on savings, which can be used towards your LAAS over the next sixty months. In most cases, the LAAS contract and your new power bill cost you less than what you were spending on your previous power bill and maintenance costs before, leaving you with in-pocket cash.

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What Can Lighting as a Service Do For You?

  • LAAS provides an opportunity to retrofit your lighting without huge upfront investment.
  • The LAAS statement is a true expense, a profit-and-loss statement expense. Rather than putting it on your balance sheet, now you have that liability showing so you don’t have as much credit.
  • You get tax liability incentives because you’re reducing your income.
  • For property owners or landlords, LAAS can be billed through CAM.

Choosing the Right Partner

It’s important to choose the right Lighting as a Service partner. Have Lights Will Travel has over 35 years of experience providing retrofit lighting solutions in the Reno and Las Vegas area. We’re ready to help walk you through the benefits of LAAS to see if it’s right for you. Contact us today to learn more.

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