Local Electrician Services in Reno and Las Vegas

Have Lights Will Travel is the premier electrician service provider in Reno and Las Vegas. Locally owned and operated, our company has been in business for over 35 years and we specialize in residential electrical needs. Our electrical contractors are fully equipped to professionally service electrical repairs and upgrade needs. Contact us today.

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Fully licensed and bonded, our highly trained electricians and technicians are ready to address electrical repairs, panel changes, or any other electrical project for your home. Our electrical contractors live locally in Reno and Las Vegas, and are fully equipped for any electrical service needs you may have. Some of the common residential electrical services we provide include:

  • Troubleshooting Electrical Outlets
  • Replacing Outdated Electrical Panels
  • Updates to Circuits
  • Hard to Reach/High Lighting
  • Installation of Ceiling Fans

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Electrical Upgrades

We also service electrical upgrades for homes large and small in Reno and Las Vegas. We pride ourselves on accurately assessing your electrical project’s scope and budget, and exceeding your expectations. Our high-quality electrical work and superior customer service set us apart from the competition. Below are some of the more common electrical upgrades we perform for our clients:

  • Specialty Lighting
  • Security Electrical
  • Commercial-Grade Electrical Products

We’re here to help you plan and successfully execute your next electrical upgrade project.

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Why Choose Us for Your Electrical Services

Our Customer Service
Our company is well established in Reno and Las Vegas, with a reputation for an innovative approach to challenging residential electrical projects. As we reach new markets across Nevada and California, our electrical contractors remain committed to offering high-quality work and superior customer service.

Our Electrical Contractors
There are electricians, and then there are electrical contractors. The former typically describes someone who has been trained and licensed to perform electrical work, which can vary considerably. The latter can be a person, but is more commonly a business that offers specialized electrical construction work. That means the scope of expertise is much broader, relating to the design, installation, and maintenance of a given electrical system. It’s the job of the electrical contractor to ensure these systems are safe, effective, and environmentally responsible.

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